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Man from Martha's Vineyard not going to be one-upped by man from Nantucket

NBC Boston shows us what happens when a guy driving an oyster truck from Martha's Vineyard storrows on Memorial Drive at Mass. Ave. Compare to yesterday's Man from Nantucket storrowing and decide who did it better. And who can come up with a suitable limerick for our latest best Islands storrower?


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There once was a man from the Vineyard
Who thought his Mem Drive route a winner
But he ran out of luck
When he Storrowed his truck
And now there's no oysters for dinner

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but this is National Oyster Day. Any horseradish with lemon around???

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First Nantucket, now the Vineyard. Will Provincetown make it a trifecta?

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Unlike the first two, Provincetown is not an island. Islands and bridges are natural enemies, so perhaps there's malice at work.

Maybe Providence? Of course Rhode Island isn't really an island, but the bridges probably don't know that.

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Post canal, Cape Cod is an island.

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There once was a man from MV
Whose oyster truck left some debris.
Too tall by a smidge,
It encountered a bridge
And Mass Ave took its top off, whoopee.

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… Storrowing becomes an Olympic sport.

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✓ all four sides of truck down (well, one is mostly down)
✓ truck roof sardine canned
✓ debris strewn across roadway
✓ Staties in rain gear
✓ opposing lanes closed
✓ entire load appears to have been a cooler

Just brilliant.

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There once was a man from Nantucket
Who drove under a bridge and then struck it.
The top peeled off
Like a cap you would doff
And now his poor rig's kicked the bucket.

Then it happened the very next day
From the vineyard, a driver did stray.
When he too lost his roof
In a similar goof
Island truckers should should just stay away.

So what then will happen tomorrow?
Will a trucker again again feel sorrow?
Just read the damn signs
And you won't pay the fines.
You're too tall to be driving on Storrow.

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