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Man gets two years for role in Roxbury chapter of Latin Kings gang

Dante Lara

A federal judge today sentenced Dante "King Nasty" Lara, a member of the Devon Street Kings branch of the national Latin Kings gang, to two years in federal prison on a RICO charge, the US Attorney's office reports.

The most infamous member of the Devon Street gang is Shaun Harrison, a onetime English High School counselor who is already serving a lengthy state prison sentence for shooting one of his students over marijuana sales. Lara, his two older brothers, Harrison and 58 other alleged Latin Kings members were arrested in a 2019 federal and local crackdown.

In November, Lara, 30 and now a Rhode Island resident, pleaded guilty, admitting "to participating in the drug distribution activities of the gang and to possessing a loaded firearm and cocaine that were located in his apartment during the execution of a warrant," the US Attorney's office says.

Prosecutors asked for a sentence of 36 months.

Lara's attorney had asked for a sentence of 18 months, arguing that Lara had long ago separated himself from the Latin Kings, in part by moving to Rhode Island, that he has a steady job as a house painter, working for a man who has agreed to rehire him after he gets out and that he is a loving "papi" to his five children, one of whom has significant medical issues.

One week ago, Mr. Lara celebrated his thirtieth birthday at home with his family. He knows that this time next year he will be in federal prison. But,the Mr. Lara before the court today is not "King Nasty" from the Latin Kings or this indictment. He is a man, a partner, and "Papi" to his five children. Mr. Lara carries the weight of again leaving his children to live behind bars, but he will not allow incarceration to derail his forward progress. ...

While Mr. Lara recognizes that there is still work to be done, Mr. Lara enters his thirties as a hardworking and devoted father, not the criminal of his twenties.

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If you come at King Nasty you best not miss. Feel bad for his kids. What poor choices.

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Why is papi in scare quotes? Shouldn't foreign languages be in italics if anything? Por que?

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which has it in quotes as they're using it as a nickname for the guy.

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It says he was papi to his five children (in scare quotes). His street name is also in quotes, in which case it does seem appropriate usage.

I agree re: not the scare quotes not being the best choice for the Spanish term families use. In the evaluations I write for courts, we are encouraged to use quotation marks for terminology to express that we don't endorse it, e.g.,

the "brain problems" that Mr. Jones was reported by many of his associates to have

A term in another language might be italicized, or this one might just not be since it's a generally familiar term in our country where Spanish is widely spoken.

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That's it?

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