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Man booked for breaking into Jamaica Plain library

Boston Police report arresting a man they say broke into the Boston Public Library's Connolly branch at 433 Centre St. in Jamaica Plain around 12:30 a.m.

Police say that officers checking out an alarm at the branch noticed a rear side door ajar. Accompanied by a police dog, they searched the building and put a hold on Justin Caterson, 30, of Jamaica Plain, on the first floor.

Police cataloged the charges against him: Breaking and entering and intent to commit a felony. For reference, Caterson had been released back into circulation after he was arrested Nov. 28 on a charge of breaking into a house on Hyde Park Avenue, near American Legion Highway, in Hyde Park.

Innocent, etc.

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Very funny..

You missed one

Police say that officers checking out an alarm....

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You're right! Fixed, thanks!

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...and be sentenced to a fine of 5 cents...

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he can schedule an appeal for December and have the fine waived.

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So now he periodically gets into trouble with the law.

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Ah, the catch and release program is alive and well.

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Officer noted the perp was quiet the whole time and it was the alarm making all the noise.

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Cut him some slack, he may be from an area with very few libraries.

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there's never been a successful right wing version of the daily show. Their jokes are just not funny.

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Greg Gutfeld's nightly show on Fox News is at or close to the top of the ratings for late night comedy/talk shows like Colbert, Kimmel, Fallon, or the Daily Show. Part of that is because he has that segment all to himself -- but part of that is because close to half the country doesn't find the other shows to be funny anymore, either.

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Never heard of Greg Gutfeld. Just goes to show how separate the left and right universes are. My conservative inlaws have no idea about any of the late night comedy shows hosted by left leaning hosts.

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He is an undocumented library patron

Where did that come from? Please provide an explanation?

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Book him Dano!

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That was the first time I ever did a double-take at the 'Read more' link to an article on the homepage. Sometimes, the double entendres just take care of themselves.

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