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It took her a bit longer than most, but JP resident finally has her BA, and now she's going for a master's

Jamaica Plain News talks to Leah Mohammed-Vargas about her journey.


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Finally, one story out of recent dozens that shouldn’t make us feel ashamed of ourselves and/or the rest of the friggin’ planet…CONGRATULATIONS LEAH!

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It made me feel that Leah is freaking awesome, but also reinforced that things would be a lot better with free college and a universal basic income.

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Congratulations to Leah! I was a non-traditional student, so I have an idea of just how hard she worked for this. Brava!

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I’m surprised and kind of glad to see that it’s still possible to attend college without accumulating debt and without being independently wealthy.
I’d be more glad if this path was not so difficult or if choice of field of study was not so heavily limited to future earning power.
Congratulations to Leah and kudos on her choice to pursue writing!

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This is an awesome story. Congratulations to Mohammed-Vargas for all her hard work and perseverance!

I'd like to add a shout out to MassBay and our other, mostly under-appreciated, community colleges. Years ago my kid took some classes at MassBay while doing their last two years of high school independently. They found smaller classes with caring instructors and a Disabilities Office focused on supporting students instead of finding reasons why they shouldn't get needed accommodations. Professors made time to talk after class with a kid who wanted to go into more depth and get to know them as an individual. These schools are used to non-traditional students, those who are "square pegs", or who didn't do well in the rigid structure of high school but can flourish in a different environment.

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Thanks for the good new. Good luck keep plugging along.

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