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It takes a village to find a dog that runs off in a panic when the USS Constitution fires its cannon at noon

A heartwarming only-in-Charlestown story.

As the dog weaved through the streets of the neighborhood, Morse was close behind - and unbeknownst to her - so were many neighbors who had randomly and suddenly taken up the cause.


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sammy morse relation ?

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And then they all smoked some crack and had a wild orgy the end

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You read a very different story than I did.

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a good friend of mine was getting ready to get engaged about 20 years ago. he purchased the ring, put it in his glove box and then went out drinking with friends in the city, he had, responsibly, parked his new jeep near a friend’s house in charlestown before the drinking began. the plan was to go back the next morning and pick up his vehicle. well, when johnny returned at about 9am the following morning he couldn’t find where he had parked. he was not a charlestown guy and thought he was confused about where he parked. his friend, who was a charlestown guy, knew right away what was happening. johnny’s jeep had been STOLEN. not only the jeep but the $4000-dollar diamond ring sitting in the glove box was gone too. GONE! johnny was despondent.

johnny’s brother tommy worked as a mechanic, for the MBTA, in charlestown. he was the first person johnny called when he discovered the theft of his car (and diamond ring). tommy had been working in the charlestown yard for a few years and he knew a few people. he made some phone calls and told a few guys in the garage the story of the missing jeep (not mentioning the ring). things looked bleak for johnny. in most cases, brand new jeeps stolen in charlestown disappear forever. johnny was going to need a new car AND a new engagement ring.

tommy’s phone rang at about 11:30 that morning. on the other end was a voice he had never heard before and would never hear again. he gave tom an address, in charlestown, and said to meet him there in 15 minutes. tommy and johnny jumped in tommys car and headed that way.

when they arrived? there was johnny’s jeep. carefully parked, without a scratch on it (but a popped ignition). in the unlocked glove box? the diamond ring. untouched.

johnny has been happily married for 20 years.

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Can we digress for a moment to discuss the exquisite readability of dark blue text against a medium-dark blue background?

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