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The Hotel Commonwealth is where their childhood went to die

D-Tension - Kenmore Square

Five musicians who had never met got together and wrote four new songs and performed them at the Sinclair, including this ode to old Kenmore Square. Performed in the Before Times, but just released today.




Good song that will be lost on most.

At this point you've got to be 40-45+ to have actually been to any of those places.

The Rat closed 24 years ago. Deli Hous closed 20 years ago which was the last vestige of Old Kenmore as far as I'm concerned.

Nuggets is still around, amazingly.

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would look pretty cool on the corner there where he used to jam in front of the rat

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I am old enough to know songs lamenting the closure of the rat, but not quite old enough to have gone.

Went down to Kenmore the other day
Where us punks used to hand
The Rats boarded up, its been bought out
Theres not a whisper where we used to shout

I feel I may have been to Bills Bar. That closed at the same time as the Avalon & Axis right?

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Nuggets always looks closed, but I always enjoyed rummaging through there when I could.

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6 bucks

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Stepped out to take a closer look, held in with every step I took
The sadness I felt just to look around
I looked up to the citgo sign, you used to be a friend of mine
Do you agree with me at one time this was once such sacred ground
But now

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I want my city back, back the way it used to be....

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We all go to Kenmore Square
All of our friends are waiting there
Trouble is brewing whenever we're around

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Let's Go To the Rat
Willie Loco Alexander


"down in Kenmore Square
all the bands play there
at the Rat..."

Now THAT was Kenmore Square.

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One night band!

This has been going on for years. You meet your bandmates on Saturday morning and perform that night.


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