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Hold onto your hat

Map showing expected high wind gusts across southern New England Tuesday and Wednesday

Maximum expected wind gusts Tuesday and Wednesday, via NWS.

Update: We've been updated to a high-wind warning.

The National Weather Service has issued a high-wind watch for eastern Massachusetts from Tuesday morning through Wednesday afternoon.

So watch out for gusts up to 55 m.p.h.

Travel could be difficult, especially for high profile vehicles.

Oh, yeah, there's also a flood watch from now until Wednesday night:

Rainfall totals of 3 to 5 inches with locally higher amounts possible. Rainfall rates may exceed one inch per hour at times.

Heavy rainfall may cause flooding of roads and ponding of water in low lying areas. The Tuesday evening commute may be particularly impacted.

The Boston Water and Sewer Commission reports it's sending out crews today to clear clogged catch basins ahead of the bulk of the rain.

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Two full days of rain with the leaves just now starting to fall off the trees should make for an interesting commute both for drivers and pedestrians.

Ever tried to walk across Brigham Circle when it's flooded? Some deceptively deep puddles/pools of water form there. And OMG Morton Street going down towards Shattuck Hospital where the State Police horses were stabled always forms a big pond sized puddle in conditions like that. The 21 and 31 buses going down to Forest Hills Station look like Skidoos going through it.

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