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Guess there's a reason they call it a VW Bug

Spotted on Broadway in Somerville: A Coronamobile

Or is it the return of the Toyota Corona? In any case, Gazoo's photo of a car parked outside Wally's Barber Shop on Broadway in Somerville today is sure to go viral.

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The owner might say "Not celebrating we want to raise awareness"


Everyone is aware of Covid.
People are dying from Covid & given lack of info the paint job on that car is
to me eerily reminiscent of a Camp Auschwitz T-shirt.

I know that's a strong comparative but it is "somewhere in the ballpark".

If it isn't some whacko celebrating Covid,
I'd like to read the full explanation about this irritating paint job &
the ugly thing on top which suffocates people to death slowly.

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So long as the car meets code to be driven on public streets, let him do whatever creative thing he wants. This is surely no worse than "Truck Nuts" or the yahoos who drive around with huge Trump flags.

It made me smile regardless of what his intent was.

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And some silly bastard's mobile aren't even in the same stratosphere, Chucklehead

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and we laugh because otherwise we'd cry.

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I love this! It is very well done!

You have no idea how much black humor helps people cope with working things like disasters and pandemics.

I also like that it reminds us that COVID is STILL everywhere, even here in the land of antivaxxer exclusion.

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I would say it's the "Covid Bug"!

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Now that we are living in a pandemic caused by a virus that has caused horrible amounts of death, disrupted our lives and livelihoods in all sorts of ways, and caused us all sorts of grief, I really wish that the casual use of the phrase "going viral" would go away.

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"Going viral" being in the general lexicon was very helpful to public understanding of the explosive spread of COVID, in a very recursive sort of way.

It was a virus that went viral. I mean, duh.

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I saw one probably last fall on rt 128. It was an ad for something covid related...

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There has to be a Biden sticker on that thing. After all, Joe became president because of COVID-19.

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