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Good man, that C.M. Pray

C.M. Pray hardware store in old Boston

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this scene. See it larger.


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The C.M. Pray building has an address of 18-something (1839?) Washington St. painted on the side of the building, and the A. Rubinsky (not 100% sure on the u or b in the name) building's number is clearly 1851.

If I had to guess a date, just before the construction of the Main Line El.

Sadly none of these structures exist today.

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New York Streets in South End 1909 is my guess.

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Today's #mysteryphoto shows Washington St at the west corner of Willard St on October 30, 1899. The C.M. Pray sign was a pretty good giveaway, but we couldn't resist sharing such a great photo. Thanks for playing, folks!

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The 1898 Bromley atlas shows it as a "Place", not a "Street" -- a dead-end alley, extending northwest off of Washington Street, between Camden and Lenox streets. The entire site os now occupied by the Mandela housing development.

There was a Willard Street in the West End, but not anywhere near Washington Street.

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And for what?

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