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Franklin Park gets a second pond

Franklin Park flood

Friday's downpours left Franklin Park near the zoo with a major pond, as thebostonlol shows us.

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The spot was still flooded Saturday evening, and at some point in those 24+ hours some authority had closed the road - inexplicably not posting the thru-traffic closure at practical advance points like Blue Hill Avenue or Morton Street and instead having traffic drive into the park, encounter the flood & sawhorses, and have to turn around.

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That's classic Boston-area traffic planning.

They must have been coached by the people who close Memorial Drive every weekend, and don't put up advance signs at the intersection of Soldiers Field Road and the River Street Bridge. A simple "Memorial Drive West closed ahead, weekends 11 am - 7 pm" would save so much grief.

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Crocodile exhibit!

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How about an Alligator Loki exhibit?

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