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Five-story life-sciences building proposed for West 1st Street in South Boston

Rendering of proposed 202 W. 1st Street

Rendering by RODE Architects.

The Broadway Company of the Back bay has proposed replacing the old blue buildings at 202 West 1st St. at C Street with a "vibrant commercial office, life sciences, research and development project that better serves the needs of the community and its expanding workforce at this industrial section of South Boston’s First Street corridor."

The building would have 24 parking spaces, according to the company's filing with the BPDA.

Located in an industrial zone bordering a traditionally dense, 3-4 story low-rise residential neighborhood of South Boston, the Site provides a unique opportunity to thoughtfully transition between the two neighborhoods of very different scales and uses and thus provides a secondary step between the two neighborhoods. The small footprint of the Proposed Project provides a scale appropriate to the transition between narrow traditional residential buildings and newer larger buildings occupying entire blocks. Both the street wall and variety within urban blocks, both common in South Boston, is achieved in the design.

In addition to the BPDA, the building would also need approval of the zoning board, because it would be taller and more dense and would have less parking than required under the lot's zoning.

202 W. 1st St. filings and calendar.

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And also sciences.

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That's not so bad.

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agreed. there's no other edifice I'd rather lose normal and real habitat to than this one.

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I have to dig a big hole in the yard this week. I might dig two while I am at it - one for life sciences.

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