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Esplanade eagle

Eagle on the Esplanade

Who would have thought an eagle would land right on the Esplanade? Paul Kafasis spotted the bird there this morning.

Back Bay bald eagle bops along the Charles.


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This is giving me more inspiration to get off the computer and go out for a walk along the river.

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Jamaica Pond (especially in the trees along the Parkman Drive side), Millennium Park and the end of Rivermoor Street in West Roxbury and the tree near the marshes along the Neponset River in Dorchester and Milton.

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... about 3 years ago. I was looking out a window on the top of Mission Hill and saw one flying high above Huntington Ave towards Jamaica Pond. It was awe inspiring!

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We spotted a young-adult male bald eagle at Cutler Park Reservation just last week as we walked around the pond circuit near sunset - by the small path that runs out from the main path to the river. He made a few lazy circles before alighting in a tall tree almost directly overhead - apparently to hunker down for the night.

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Fishing birds turn out along the waterways as the herring make their way up the rivers to spawn. I've been seeing them soaring above and perching alongside the Mystic. Keep an eye out for herons and cormorants as you stroll - they are out there with the gulls enjoying the feast.

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Those herrings. They look delicious.
Can Bostonians net them or only Cantabridgians?

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