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Election roundup: Rent control; Barros sponsors vax clinic at Mass and Cass

The Globe notes Michelle Wu is the only candidate to support rent control.

Right to the City Vote and its Super PAC are endorsing Kim Janey. The group says it's in favor of rent control, which Janey opposes.

John Barros is sponsoring a Covid-19 vaccination clinic at Mass and Cass between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Tuesday. In addition to shots, the clinic will also dole out water, food and information on various health and substance-abuse resources.

The intersection is right down the street from the Boston Public Health Commission, but Barros is working with MetroWest Pharmacy in Framingham and Bethann Codrington's Finding Hope in God on the clinic.

With the Delta variant causing another COVID-19 surge, we need to make sure our most vulnerable residents are protected, vaccinated, and well-informed about the new virus dangers and information.

Spotted in the wild: A Robert Capucci for Mayor sign, on VFW Parkway outbound in West Roxbury. Who he? He's one of Boston's three perpetual candidates.

State Rep. Liz Miranda (Roxbury) has endorsed Tania Anderson for the District 7 (Roxbury) seat that Kim Janey is leaving.

Tania has been leading in our community for decades, embodying what it means to leverage personal, lived experience as a catalyst for transformative change. I know Tania will lead innovative policy ideas at City Hall, build coalitions to deliver change, and provide strong constituent services to our community.

The Scope interviews Carla Monteiro, running for one of the four open at-large seats on the council.


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