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Election roundup: Former police commissioner who supports Essaibi George sets up super PAC with help from Republican consultants; candidates to discuss arts on Friday

The Dorchester Reporter reports on William Gross's new political thing, Real Progress Boston, with a phone number that connects to a consulting firm "whose client list has included the Trump campaign, Gov. Charlie Baker and Arkansas lawmaker Tom Cotton, who is now a US senator."

The super PAC says it will spend money both to support its preferred candidates and attack those it considers unworthy.

Mayoral candidates will get arty tomorrow in a forum focusing on arts, culture and creativity, sponsored by Create the Vote Boston 2021 Coalition and WBUR. Will be livestreamed, starting at 4 p.m.

The Scope interviews Michael Bianchi, who first filed to run for mayor before deciding to run for the District 9 council seat now held by Liz Breadon.

State Rep. Chynah Tyler is backing Angie Camacho in the race to replace Kim Janey on the City Council in District 7 (Roxbury).

Angie is not only a leader who has been instrumental in the last couple of decades on issues that are important for our district but she has been a bridge-builder, making room for the next generation of leaders.


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Real progress? What precisely does “real progress” mean to the “we don’t need no stinkin’ reform!” — not in schools, not in the police, not in the nimby/developer cesspool — candidate?

Anybody but AEB. Anybody.

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At a Cape Cod GOP fundraiser, William Gross introduced Charlie Baker stating that the Governor should be president.


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Forming a Super PAC to spread the wealth to his family and friends while in these desperate times speaks to his kind heart.

A real stand up guy.

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Beware the Democrats in MA who are actually just Republicans who want a chance of winning.

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