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Election roundup: Landlords who evict in the pandemic are giving money to all the major candidates for mayor

The Dig takes a look at the politics of eviction - comparing the list of landlords moving to evict the most tenants in Boston with the list of landlords giving money to candidates for mayor.

John Barros blasted Kim Janey for the potential BPS busing disaster next week:

With hundreds of millions of dollars in federal aid coming to Boston, Acting Mayor Janey has no excuse for not having enough bus drivers on the first day of school. With one week to go, we need to think creatively and find solutions for families. If low wages are creating a hiring problem, we need to provide competitive incentives and wages. If BPS’s private bus contractor can’t get the job done, we need to work with them to fill the gap with alternatives.

The Daily Free Press reports on a forum on women's rights and the mayor's race, involving Campbell, Barros and Essaibi George; the other two candidates couldn't make it.

Pipefitters Local 537 has endorsed Essaibi George.

As a former longtime union member herself, Annissa will govern with hard working families top of mind, advocating for and amplifying the voices of our members in Boston and across the region.

There used to be a majority-Black state Senate district. Then, with the backing of then incumbent Dianne Wilkerson, the state redistricted Boston to create two districts where Blacks made up a large percentage of the population, but not the majority in the hopes of electing two Blacks to the Senate.

But it didn't quite work out. Wilkerson lost to Sonia Chang-Diaz (the first Latina in the Senate) and then went to prison. In the other district, Linda Dorcena Forry left for a job in the private sector and the district returned to being the domain of South Boston pols. CommonWealth Magazine reports there's a push on to recreate a majority-Black Senate district. It could happen in part because Chang-Diaz is giving up her seat to run for governor. Also, Wilkerson is backing the effort.

The Dorchester Reporter rounds up priorities for candidates in District 4 (Dorchester, Mattapan, Roslindale, Jamaica Plain).

The Scope interviews William Dickerson, running for the District 4 seat that Andrea Campbell is giving up, and Liz Breadon, who is running to keep her seat in District 9 (Allston/Brighton).


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BPS has eliminated the school police but kept them on the payroll. Utilize the former school police officers as bus drivers and monitors. There is no way BPS can hire enough drivers and monitors who can pass a background check by next week.

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Utilize the former school police officers as bus drivers

I'm not going to say it would be an impossible obstacle to overcome (though definitely so on a week's notice) but you can't just take someone who is not licensed to operate a commercial vehicle, with school bus endorsement, and have them drive a bus.

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You just said something sensible and correct.

Don't confuse this person with reason and logic.

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You need a CDL to drive a school bus you don't need a CDL to drive a school van or assigned as a school bus monitor.

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School police have not been eliminated, just rebranded. There are still school police. Not sure where you got your info from, bud.

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This sounds like a problem she inherited from the previous administration.

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I don't think so, there were enough drivers in June. This happened over the summer and quite frankly Janey should've been ahead of this and communicating that there might be issues and parents need to be prepared.

Janey is woefully unprepared and clearly does not understand residents' needs and where she needs to throw resources to head off issues. This was not a surprise and BPS also should've known. But in true form they decided less communication was best. Now we get texts and voicemails 30 minutes (in English only) before dismissal or after kids have been standing at the bus stop telling us that there is no bus.

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More like from Kevin White's Second Term.

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CommonWealth Magazine reports there's a push on to recreate a majority-Black Senate district.

The magazine suspiciously avoids using the term "gerrymandering" which is exactly what they're trying pull off.

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They are un-gerrymandering?

If they are "recreating" a district that was majority-something that was broken up, isn't the breaking up of majority-minority districts traditional gerrymandering, done to ensure that what could have been a voting majority-minority group was diluted into 2 minority districts?

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Two wrongs do not make a right. Just because 15 years ago a coalition did a lousy job in an attempt to gerrymander, doesn't mean the same group deserves a chance to re-gerrymander today.

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I suspect that a certain Representative from Southie and tenuously connected White Flight Areas is very much interested in retaining the gerrymandering.

He'd likely be the one out of a job if they used simple population shrinkage algorhythms. The seventh is vastly less of a gerrymander than the eighth or the fourth.

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Shortly after posting this, I will leave my house to take a 10 mile trip. I will start in the 7th, but a quarter mile in, I will enter the 8th. About 1.5 miles in, I will enter the 4th, staying in the district that represents Newton and the South Coast until I get to Natick, where I will enter the 5th, which covers Winthrop to Framingham.

At the end of the day, there are 9 members of Congress representing Massachusetts who have a vested interest in gerrymandering.

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