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Developer wants to replace old Hyde Park funeral home with 21 apartments

Rendering of Oak Street buidling

Rendering by Embarc Studio.

A Milton developer has filed plans with the BPDA to replace the closed laughlin Nichols Pennacchio Funeral Home at 34 Oak St. in Hyde Park with a three-story, 21-unit apartment building.

Diarmaid McGregor's plans call for nine resident parking spaces in an underground garage and five visitor spaces at street level. He is also proposing spaces for 21 bicycles.

Three of the units will be rented as affordable.

McGregor notes the site's proximity to a variety of Hyde Park amenities, including two commuter-rail stops, a BPL branch, a YMCA, Stony Brook Reservation and, naturally, Ron's Bowling and Ice Cream, a short four-minute walk away.

These units will be very attractive to those seeking the historic and well-established neighborhood within the suburban context of Boston.

34 Oak St. filings and schedule.


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I hear people are dying to get in there.

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.. in the version I learned uses “And turn your guts to sauerkraut” instead of the line about worms playing pinochle

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