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Developer proposes apartment building off Soldiers Field Road where two other developers are already battling in court over zoning

A Brookline developer has told the BPDA he plans to file plans for a 61-unit apartment building on Soldiers Field Place, off Soldiers Field Road near its intersection with Birmingham Parkway.

Earlier this year, the developer of a condo/apartment complex off Soldiers Field Road that got zoning variances in 2018 sued to block construction of a six-story, 102-unit building on Soldiers Field Place that got the same variances from the zoning board.

In a letter of intent filed this week, developer Jeff Feuerman of Brookline Development Corp. said he would build his 61-unit building after razing a one-story commercial building at 40 Soldiers Field Pl. His proposal will include 44 parking spaces.

40 Soldiers Field Pl. filings and calendar.

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turn it all into GLASS!!!

"Situated...within a short walk to the MBTA's Boston Landing Commuter Rail station"...? Please. That walk is nearly a mile and requires crossing the cluster**** that is the Birmingham/Western Ave intersection, and then crossing over the Pike via Market. Also, Boston Landing mostly gets trains only during common commuting times, so it's not really an option for general transit into Back Bay/South Station.


Your comment is on point about the walk, but every single Worcester/Framingham line train stops at Boston Landing (46 trains total).


While the walk is not great, frankly it sucks, it is only about 15 minutes from this site. Also wrong on the train side, Boston Landing gets every single inbound and every single outbound train on the line, so that is ~1-2 trains an hour from 5am to 11:30pm. Now that's not so great obviously but the 86/70 are even closer walks. That all said, I do hope funds are being set aside to actually make connections to the river paths and to the parkway and to upgrade the parkway with better bike/ped accommodations, because yeah it is a sucky area right now for sure!


Yeah, that's one of the reasons why it takes more than 90 minutes to get to Worcester: interminable local stops.

The other big reason is outdated engine and car designs which load slowly and accelerate even more slowly. These designs should have been trashed 75 years ago, but the T keeps buying new versions of the same old stuff.

There should be local and express DMUs, each every 10 minutes. That is, until they get their act together and electrify.

The frequency is still much less than it should be, but the trains are now evenly spaced all day long rather than clustering at "rush hour" times. Every train stops at Boston Landing. (Many trains don't stop at the Newton stations.)

MBTA is facing a massive budget deficit. There have been talks about the need for a big fare hike. I support the fare hike because we need to provide a living wage to MBTA workers.

Almost 4 years ago, BPDA, MassDOT, and DCR published a great study for how to improve this area. We were told that as more development happened in this area these plans would become a reality.

Four year later, with development booming on Birmingham Pkwy and also Soldiers Field Rd, the proposed roadway and sidewalk improvements are still nowhere to be found.



*ring ring* goes the bicycle on DCRs new proposed 2 way cycle track on Soldiers Field Road.

Great, much more traffic , making area much more congested than it is now. Remember when in the 1980s soldiers field road had Staples, McDonald’s, the large liquor store, the Acura dealership,and a I believe a hotel if I’m not mistaken could still be there. But now, most of the area is going to turn into residential housing, the impact on vehicle traffic will be enormous along with exhaust fumes drifting to areas where people jog and walk along the nearby Charles river. It’s an environmental concern.

Don't worry, Soldiers Field Road can handle it. The intersections at the off-ramps in Allston, however...

It's a classic case of car-oriented development dumping its problems on someone else. They pretend it's transit-oriented by mentioning the Commuter Rail, but it's not.

The problem is it's easy to build in out-of-the-way commercial or industrial areas where there are fewer neighbors to complain. But when they try to build even a small apartment building right across the street from the Wood Island T station, all the NIMBYs come out of the woodwork, and the zoning officials side with them.


Magoo was walking down the street today and stepped in dog poopie. Eeeeew sez Magoo. Magoo.


Good one!