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Citizen complaint of the day: When did Savin Hill Avenue get an eternal flame?

Ever burning fire pit on Savin Hill Avenue in Dorchester

A concerned citizen files a 311 complaint about a fire pit at a construction site at Savin Hill Avenue between Dorchester Avenue and Auckland Street:

This open fire pit has been burning for the last three days.

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5 more days and its a miracle.

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Bernie sitting next to it, to keep warm?

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Based on all the cut logs on the fire and also in the background, I'm guessing that they have chosen to burn their waste, rather than pay to have it carted away. (Pro tip: That metal ain't gonna start.)

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But it will keep their hands warm for a while.

It also looks like it is set up for a pot of something to be set on top to stay warm - like tar?

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Tar? what do people use tar for?

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Waterproofing joints and seams.

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tar -cvxzf cinnamon cinnamongirl.tar.gz

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♪ Close your eyes ♪
♪ Give your phone, darling ♪
♪ Can you hear your heart still beating?♪
♪ Do you understand? ♪
♪ Do you feel the same, when you aren't tweeeet-ing ♪
♪ Or is this burning... the Savin Hills Eternal Flame... ♪

**lights liter** and waves it into air

♪ Close your eyes... give me your phone, darling.. ♪
♪ Do you feel your heart still beating.. ♪

I miss the Bangles. :-/

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The caveman hand warmer, not so much.

Pearls clutched.

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Good luck with that. We're still waiting for 311 to do something about the huge dead tree that snapped back in the fall and is now (as I type) leaning against some more old dead trees of the same size over at the Forest Hills Preserve across from 100 Morton Street at Arborway Gardens. So, now we have a few huge dead trees waiting to kill pedestrians and drivers. A City of Boston truck came out in the fall after we called and put yellow tape across the area so that nobody can park. It's January now and every day the yellow tape gets whipped and broken in the wind just like me. Nothing has been done. Our neighborhood doesn't have a lot of money. Maybe that's why.

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Being a comstruction site, perhaps it's keeping the aread directly below it from freezing over?

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