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Citizen complaint of the day: People who went up to New Hampshire didn't all blow their wads on July 4

Fireworks from the beach in South Boston

A wide-awake citizen in South Boston filed a 311 complaint at 1:22 this morning:

loud fireworks are set off by beach past 1 am. as loud as cannons. causing dogs to bark


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Another night in paradise.

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Similar things have been happening in my East Boston neighborhood. I have been unable to get to the root of this somewhat recent trend of setting off fireworks in residential neighborhoods in the wee hours of the night/morning. People in my area set off fireworks and seldom start before 11:30 PM. It's almost like clockwork, so there has GOT to be a specific reason for the timing. Since this seems to be happening in multiple areas, it's really odd that there seem to be so many people that have no concern whatsoever with creating intentionally loud noises in the middle of the night in densely populated areas. Are there really that many ignorant people? What do they get out of this? Nor do they appear to have any concern about sleeping or having to get up to go to work. It's quite a mystery.

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Although I don't know if they continue into the wee hours (sound sleeper here), but yes, fireworks pretty much every night.

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It's the same reason people throw loud house parties or drive around playing bass heavy music in the wee hours of the morning. To these people these type of activities are actually considered socially acceptable behavior.

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yes people are just rude...

And I am sure its like "I'll only light one or two"

Well when you have 5 houses that do it, you have 20 fireworks.

I also think people tend to do it later to avoid police issues. My issue in my neighborhood is people set one off, wait 5 mins, and set another one off... and do this for over an hour. Its to derail cops who try to find the location.

And yeah people are just ignorant and don't care anyone else except themselves it seems.

It also doesn't help that a northern neighboring state has big box store sized firework resellers just over the border. So easy and plentiful access to them.

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They do the same thing in my neighborhood. Set off loud fireworks late at night after midnight and then wait 5-7 minutes inbetween. It lulls me into a sense of false security. Just when I think "I can finally get to sleep" it's BANG! It didn't occur to me that it was to throw the cops of the trail. I didn't think cops even responded to fireworks calls anymore.

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In Dorchester some shoot them off over houses...
My guy wets down the roof with a garden hose. :/

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