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In case you missed this evening's sunset

Sunset over Chelsea Creek

Leah Klein watched the sunset over Chelsea this evening.

But wait, there's more!

Chris Wagner watched the sunset from Allston:

Allston sunset
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Looks like Eastie to me, based on the orientation of the sunset (WNW this time of year), the Tobin, and the salt piles.

Specifically, I'd guess it was shot at the edge of the Condor Street urban wild.

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makes it look like it's from Chelsea - Mary O'Malley State Park, I venture.

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Definitely East Boston from the Urban Wild but the scene , except for the foreground is all Chelsea and it's the Chelsea Creek.

The Salt Piles are the key here

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Does this have anything to do with the wildfires out west? Absolutely beautiful.

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Actually last night's sky was a sign that the air has finally cleaned up a bit. The smoke was actually suppressing the sunset , which is why color was only around the sun itself. Last night we got a colorful burst all over.

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