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Convicted child rapist arrested for armed robbery of a nail salon and carjacking


Cambridge Police report arresting Dennis Kelley, 43, of Cambridge, for two gun-related robberies in Cambridge and Somerville on Thursday.

Police report detectives, along with state troopers and federal marshals arrested Kelley in Boston without incident this morning. State Police report troopers found and arrested Kelley, currently homeless, on Boston Common.

Troopers developed information that Kelley might be on the Common after learning that he might be staying in Boston homeless shelters.

Kelley was convicted in 2003 on one count of rape of a child with force, four counts of indecent assault and battery on a child under 14 and two counts of rape and abuse of a child, according to the Massachusetts Sexual Offender Registry Board.

State Police add he is also considered an armed career criminal based on a 2011 gun-related conviction.

According to police:

On Thursday, August 12 at approximately 12:24 p.m., an employee at a Cambridge Street nail salon reported a suspect showed a gun and demanded money inside the business. The suspect then fled on foot with cash and a cell phone and went to a nearby McDonald’s on McGrath Highway in Somerville. A Medford woman then reported she was the victim of an armed carjacking in the parking lot. The suspect took off in her Toyota RAV4 and the vehicle was found abandoned in Somerville near the railroad tracks off McGrath Highway. The suspect fled on foot and was not initially located after an extensive search was conducted by the Cambridge, Somerville and State Police.

Innocent, etc.

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Boston Common is a common destination for child rapists nowadays. What does the city government do?

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This incident happened in Cambridge and Somerville; nothing whatsoever to do with Boston Common.

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... "not from Boston" -- he probably doesn't know trivial details like this.

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Child rape.

All he needs is murder and drug charges and he has a bingo.

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