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Brookline pond was once 'the dreaded hole and terror of youngsters'

New England Folklore reviews the history of Brookline's Hall's Pond, next to Amory Playground, a block off Beacon Street near Audubon Circle, which kids once thought was bottomless - and which, they say, swallowed up a man, his buggy and his horse one night.


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I mean, I saw a pretty big turtle there, but not so big that it was going to eat downtown or anything.

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Hall's Pond and Amory Woods are both sanctuaries. Amory Park is, well, a park. Although they're adjacent, they are different places with different functions and rules, and are wholly separated by a fence with a gate that you are asked to keep closed because dogs are not welcome at Hall's Pond or Amory Woods, as they chase away the birds. Dogs are welcome at Amory Park, and can be off leash if under voice command and registered in Brookline's Green Dogs Program.

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