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Boston moves to protect 7,500-year-old quarry in Mattapan

The Dorchester Reporter reports the Boston Landmark Commission recently voted to make the Massachusetts Tribe's Mattapan Rhyolite Quarry, behind St. Angela’s Church along Babson and Cookson streets, a "pending landmark." The tribe used the spot to dig out rhyolite, "an ancient volcanic stone prized for its banded maroon color and ideal qualities for making stone tools."

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I hope this happens. Sadly, Cranes Ledge sounds like a goner....


I'm totally going to go look at that next chance I get.

18 years here, and I've probably seen a tenth of the cool stuff.


In the southern netherworlds that stretch from Mattapan to West Roxbury are full of fascinating things.


Many happy memories of me and my buddies climbing down this quarry.

We attacked it like it was an Alpine cliff face except of course we had no ropes, pitons or axes and we were wearing dress shoes it usually being a Sunday when we hung out around my way.

One afternoon as we were climbing down our buddy Frank (aka Toby) slipped and fell to the bottom. Me and my other buddy Larry just totally freaked out. We swore he was injured or dead. Well back in the seventies those trees you see down there were only shrubs and there was a nice soft grassy area at the bottom. Nowadays they have that area fenced off.

We had no idea it was a culturally significant area but boy it was fun place to hang out.


for most of those 7500 years. :-)