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Boston housing battle really heating up

Tree swallows fight for prime space at Millennium Park

Mary Ellen watched tree swallows duke it out for a prime nesting box at Millennium Park in West Roxbury.

Swallow battle over nesting box
Swallow battle over nesting box



Swallows are ruthless.

My father, who was President of his regional Audubon Society, and much beloved by the birds - chickadees would eat out of his hand - always put up birdhouses in pairs, one for the bluebirds and one for the swallows. Swallows, he explained, were very aggressive, and would always beat out the bluebirds for a single box; but they were also territorial, and would not let a second swalllow couple nest nearby, while they would tolerate the bluebirds.


Interesting! Thanks for posting this.

Well I can see why this is a hot commodity

Single Family Home on single lot (or pole)... check
West Roxbury... check
Near OK School... check
Close to 95/128... check
Still within city limits... check
Near a big park.. check

I bet this is a picture of a bidding war.


but the sleazebag broker says you can add dormers, even though it requires a variance and will take 2 years to permit. The yellow bellied sapsucker next door will oppose at the ZBA and she is the mother in law of a guy at ONS, so you had better make a substantial contribution to Audubon. Doesn't that district also require 1.0 perches per residential unit. There aren't any shown in the photo. That's another violation.


You win!

Such a deal.

Every bird wants this one. Not a few humans, too.

When you've put your entire nest egg into one of these, you gotta defend it from squatters. You'd hate to have it poached.