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Beacon Hill barber needed open-heart surgery after slipping and falling on the scissors he was using during a haircut

WHDH reports on Boston Barber Co. barber Steve Silva's fall last week. A friend has organized a GoFundMe page.


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it's a useful reminder: existence is effed, entropy rules everything. A short, sharp shock awaits us all.

Consider carefully where you spend your compassion and caritas, 'cause you never know when the fickle finger of fate will rub you the really wrong way. Live life, lubber.

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His sacrifice in giving parents everywhere a new anecdote to tell their children about scissors is much appreciated.

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This is my biggest fear living alone..

Either slipping onto something like a knife, or choking on something and no one around to save me.

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have the first glass of wine. (Also, wear a cut glove.)

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The anecdote from the story that the police wouldn't let them clean up the blood until they watched the video is pretty interesting. As the owner said, it sure would LOOK like there was a stabbing and saying "Oh he fell on his scissors" sounds like such BS until you see it happen.

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