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Be a shame if a hawk took it out

Boston Police alert us:

Fenway Park/ Kenmore Sq. Community Advisory: ESPN will be utilizing a drone this afternoon, in the area of 500 Commonwealth Avenue, through the end of tonight’s Red Sox and Yankee game.


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Bwaha! Best headline of the day.

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or Ken Harrelson?

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Who's got the laser pointers?

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Is there an established local or league-wide rule for what happens if a ball in play strikes and bounces off a drone?

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I know there are rules if it hits a bird (ball is in play if it was thrown or batted, not if it was pitched), and if it hits a roof or light (ground rule double). But the fact that a drone is presumably controlled by someone seems like it could cause some major issues there. I suspect they'd rule it like intentional interference, and place the ball and the runners wherever the umpire thinks they would have been had it not hit the drone.

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Fun Fenway ground rule related fact: I remember taking the park tour like 20 years ago and learning that if a batted ball gets stuck in the left field ladder, it's a ground rule triple, which was the only ground rule triple in baseball. It had never happened before though (and I'm pretty sure it still hasn't).

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I would hope drones would stay out of the area where an otherwise in-play ball could hit them.

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Has naked Fenway rooftop dancing been cancelled?

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