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Bank branch could be replaced by apartments in fast-growing corner of Brighton

A developer has told the BPDA it plans to submit plans soon to replace a Santander Bank branch at 30 Birmingham Parkway, near Western Avenue, with a five-story, 99-unit apartment building.

The Mount Vernon Co.'s proposed new building would go up next to the Radius building, which sits at the corner of the parkway and Western Avenue, where the Black and Decker repair shop used to be. The developer, headquartered on Soldiers Field Road in Allston, says its building would continue "the pedestrian-friendly street experience" started by Radius, and would have 48 parking spaces in an underground garage.

Recent years have seen a number of development proposals along that stretch, which continues down Market Street, and along the neighboring Soldiers Field Road and Lincoln Street. Guest Street, which intersects with Market Street, is a gateway to still more development, centered on the large New Balance complex.

30 Leo M. Birmingham Parkway letter of intent (1.1M PDF).


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That's prime housing location next to parks and within walking distance to supermarket and other shopping. So build it.

But that said, I've always liked that Santander building. A little slice of 1960's West Coast style architecture where you don't often find it, even surrounded by a few pine trees. Not many buildings like that left in this area.

Streetview Link

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It is a cool little building. Wonder it was originally a drive-thru restaurant, or if it's always been a bank?

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Bank branches getting ripped down for apartments is a total YIMBY fantasy come real.

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Agree with the above comment about it being interesting architecture. This was my bank back in the 90's when it was Bank Of New England. I remember going in and getting $3000 in cash to buy my first used car. SO many trips to that ATM.

When I drove by a couple weeks ago that land looked out of place with all the new developments around it. Farewell old friend.

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Nothing has happened to make it more "pedestrian friendly," except maybe the sidewalks on one side will be a little wider. That section of the Birmingham Parkway is a confusing mess and very difficult to cross on foot. It's controlled by the state, and while the city may be approving lots of development, DCR hasn't shown any sense of urgency about doing anything. That area has excellent access to the Mass. Pike, Soldiers Field Road, and Memorial Drive. You can wish everyone will hop on the commuter rail, but it is a great location if you commute by car.

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