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The answer to getting cut off isn't normally to speed through the next red light

WFXT reports a 34 driver will be getting a stern talking to from his bosses after a motorist gave the station some video showing him or her reacting to getting cut off on Washington Street at Wellsmere Road in Roslindale by just continuing to go down Washington and right through a red light at Cornell Street.


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It looks like the bus did that to avoid being stuck in the wrong lane...also looks like they avoided an accident with the truck

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The bus had to swerve into the wrong lane to avoid hitting the pickup. Rather than accepting that it made an unsafe turn, the pickup appears to keep on blocking the bus' return to the proper lane.

Now, if the bus stayed in the proper lane and hit the pickup, would the citizen journalist and Channel 25 be commenting about the crash that would have occurred? And what would they be saying about the bus driver.

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I don't recall if that light turns green first heading downhill? We only see the other direction.

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Maybe that's what the bus driver had in mind, if there was no cross traffic?

It looks like the bus was across the center line at the red light after crossing over to avoid a double-parking car, so the bus driver took advantage of the situation to return to the proper lane before other traffic could interfere. An adept move.

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Now do every driver of a large truck who goes down that street at double the speed limit.

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I’m cracking up at the driver flashing his lights at the bus.

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All of the replies to that tweet defending the bus driver go a long way to explaining the reputation that Massachusetts drivers have, and all those left-turn-from-the-right-lane-on-red maneuvers I see...Also the stink of hypocrisy; if that bus had plowed into that truck it barely missed at the intersection most of those posters would be be calling for the drivers head and screaming about the union.

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So, the bus driver avoided one accident, and then avoided blocking intersection for who knows how many light cycles. What was he supposed to do?

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