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Another Boston cop pleads guilty in Hyde Park warehouse overtime scandal

The US Attorney's office reports that Diana Lopez, 56, of Milton, a former BPD officer, has pleaded guilty to embezzling $36,028 over three years in overtime payments she didn't earn while working at the department's Hyde Park evidence warehouse.

Lopez, who will be sentenced on Oct. 21, is the fourth of the 13 officers charged in the scheme to agree to plead guilty, in her case to one count of conspiracy to commit theft concerning programs receiving federal funds and one count of embezzlement from an agency receiving federal funds.

Eight officers were charged in September of last year; four more have since been charged. The US Attorney's says the investigation is "ongoing."


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How did she go three years without anybody scrutinizing her hours ?? That’s my question

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We know how based on the federal indictments in these cases, the supervisors were in on it. The captain, the lieutenant, multiple sergeants have all been charged.

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In this article, it says she’s 56. If you click on the link for the original article of the nine arrested which is from Sept 2020, it says she’s 58.

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Was including the overtime.

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Was in on it, isn't it organized crime?
Get them on RICO charges? Or have I watched too many cop shows :)

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