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After a one-year halt, Roslindale returns to its parade routes

Quincy horn player in Roslindale parade

The rain held off for today's Roslindale Day Parade, the first since 2019, and held in honor of longtime parade organizer Tom Donahue, who died earlier this year.

Shriner doing wheelies
JP Honk
Parade dancers

Kids from the St. Nectarios school:

Kids from the St. Nectarios school

At least by Walworth Street, the crowds seemed larger than in recent years:

Parade crowd

Roslindale "mayor" Vicky Elias of the Rialto Barber Shop waved to the crowds:

Parade mayor Vicky Elias.

Candidates for mayor of Boston and for city council walked down the route, but the day's most significant political news was probably that supporters of incumbent at-large Councilor Michael Flaherty this year gave out not only Flaherty emery boards, but candy:

Flaherty supporter handing out emery boards
Michelle Wu
Annissa Essaibi George

Essaibi George had way more big rigs supporting her than Wu (who had none); possibly even outnumbering the Shriners with their miniature trucks:

Akiki tow truck for Essaibi George
Ruthzee Louijeune

John White, who is running for the District 5 (Roslindale, Hyde Park, Mattapan) council seat walked with supporters. Incumbent Ricardo Arroyo walked with the Wu contingent for part of the parade and with the folks supporting David Halbert for an at-large seat for another part.

John White

Both Kendra Hicks and Mary Tamer, running for the District 6 (Jamaica Plain, West Roxbury, Mission Hill and a bit of Roslindale) seat Matt O'Malley is giving up, walked:

Kendra Hicks
Mary Tamer

Erin Murphy, running for one of the four at-large seats, had a fuzzy supporter. Murphy was also the only candidate who gave out candy by herself, rather than delegating that entirely to volunteers:

Erin Murphy supporter and dog

There was only one marching band, but it was a big one: A combined effort of Quincy and North Quincy high schools:

Quincy and North Quincy marching band
Dance Academy munchkins
Parade bicyclist
Boston Latin Academy Latin students
Parkway Braves with trophies
Bolivian dancers
Giant squirrel
Man on horn

Cars of both past and future slowly moved down Belgrade:

Old car
Old car
Solar-powered car from MIT
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Mary Tamer did not hand out candy herself, but she did hand out dog treats herself (see photo)

Voting closed 28

I thought it was an opened bag of Dunkin' Donuts coffee grounds, but dog treats makes more sense.

Voting closed 15

Arroyo was there he just didn't have a designated parade position

Voting closed 12

Story corrected - he walked with the Wu group.

Voting closed 11

It makes is seem like he's ignoring his own city council race. His dad once did that. In the short term, it went bad for him.

I always keep an eye on who is walking in the parade and who isn't. Heck, Mejia got my vote at the parade back in 2019. And as we all know, it was my vote that won it for her.

Voting closed 19

To be honest, Arroyo kind of can afford to forego it considering who his opponent is and how things are looking.

Voting closed 16

Tell us more about this!

Voting closed 9

John White doesn’t even have a campaign website.

I guess as long as baby Arroyo didn’t head to Venezuela this year, we’ll say he’s taking the race seriously.

Voting closed 11

Nice coverage of the parade, Adam!

Voting closed 27

Kind of crappy putting out an article and pics covering *some* candidates. No mention of Bridget Nee-Walsh who also walked in the parade and handed out candy and lit with a group of volunteers.

Voting closed 8

AEG’s climate change plan is five big, smelly trucks idling and honking on Belgrade.

Speaking of, AEG is really good at inadvertently putting Wu in a good light. Wu marches down the street with a group of people. Immediately after, AEG stinks up the joint with a bunch of big ugly trucks.

Voting closed 35

Had twice as many people WALKING with her. Also it’s a parade, calm down.

Voting closed 44

They had trucks, cars, motorcycles, motorized big wheels, and little tiny versions of most of those things.

Voting closed 31

Shiners were smelly too. And holy mother were there a lot of those old dudes.

Yeah, there were a lot of people in those loud punk shirts. Diverse, too, so not just Westie whites. But… I for every loud pink shirt and loud pink sign there are five Wu voters.

If you see the person making a stink (no pun) in favor of a carbon-neutral parade next year, it might be me.

Voting closed 11

I’ve never seen so much heavy artillery turning out for a candidate as Essaibi George showed off in the Rozzie parade. But judging from the crowd reaction around me, the Wu train was holding its own among people who, you know, vote.

Voting closed 27

Roslindale is basically Wu's home base.

Voting closed 25

She lives a short walk from the parade route.

Voting closed 14

Why she lives in a completely different congressional district than the parade route!

Voting closed 8

I’ve got to figure out a running route starting from my house that hits 3 districts.

Voting closed 9

I had an ad cover each of the photos of the Roslindale day parade. It ruined looking at them for me. Great photos though and it made me miss my old Neighborhood.

Voting closed 10

I thought I had made those go away, but they're obviously back, so I'll try to work with my ad providers again to stop them permanently.

Voting closed 11

I did find, though, that if I scrolled quickly enough to not focus on any picture, I could get past before the ad covered over it.

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