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2,000 lawn flamingos flock to the Seaport

WBUR heralds the arrival of the pink flamingos.




Despite Arun Rath sounding like a human wet blanket, this story is the reason why I give to GBH and stopped supporting BUR.

For everyone who got all over the Globe for boosting the ego of GE's CEO with that front page story the other day, Boston University Radio (you know a non-profit station) ran a 5+ minute segment on a real estate developer trying to bring people back down to their chain stores in the Seaport through the use of marketing plastic birds on grass. They even dropped that the birds will migrate to other shopping centers later.

BUR should be ashamed.

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also be decrying Adam for posting it here and continuing the publicity?

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complain about John Costello complaining about it thus drawing more attention to it?

And shouldn't I...well you know

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I'm normally all about public art but it seems like they are taking up some extremely valuable lawn space that people can otherwise use to be COVID safe.

Would have been great a month ago when it was too cold to sit outside.

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Get off my lawn?

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Someone went to a lot trouble to do something cool. Must people see it as being an evil Capitalistic ploy instead of just enjoying the lighthearted fun?

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Do you mean the unnecessary use of pounds and pounds of plastic? As in plastic that is derived from petroleum, and that our city leaders so desperately want to limit the use of (to the extent that they have imposed a regressive tax on grocery purchases)?

Also, if this were to happen in Boston Common, urban advocates would immediately be calling for a removal of the hostile architecture -- after all, the flamingos prevent the homeless from sleeping on the grass.

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Not from around here, are ya?

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Misguided people spend an absolute fortune to live in "luxury housing" in the Seaport District and end up with all the tackiness of a Florida trailer park.

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It would have been super cool if they could have incorporated them into the water somehow.

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