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You might, maybe, want to consider driving a bit more slowly today

Overturned car on Rte. 9 in Wellesley

Wellesley Police reported around 1 p.m. that the driver of this car flipped on Rte. 9 eastbound just past Oakland Street. Only minor injuries, they report.

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No fur in Wellesley?

P.S. hope everyone is ok


Knows how cars just flip?
I call FX.


or be totaled.


Of this car is a dingle berry.


That's because the driver of the car was clearly driving at too great a speed for the existing conditions, which is how the majority of motor vehicular accidents occur.


The fact that this appears to be a Lexus not an Audi Q6 or Porsche Cayenne.


Ah, Massholery at its best.


are the result of driving at too great a speed for existing conditions. People should have the good, common sense to slow the hell down when it snows, or whatever.

I drove from Wellesley to Maine yesterday for a vet appointment. MassDOT did not plow, salt nor sand Rte 9/I-95N. It was a nightmare. Traffic was driving 15 mph posted speed limit and the left lane was abandoned because it was covered in snow. Plows were out in NH.

Maybe a Masshole was driving too fast in their Lexus on Rte 9 or maybe MassDOT (it is a state highway btw) didn't bother to prepare. We got almost 6 inches of snow in our yard.

Look at the tires.

Right driver side tire is blown, others intact.

Ever blow a tire in front at speed?

But definitely dislodged. Could have happened if they skidded into the curb/edge of road. Busted the seal/rim and rolled at the same time.

Good thing traffic reconstruction forensics isn't done remotely during COVID-19 though.

not a blow out, but lost my front driver’s side tire at ~70 MPH on the pike in western mass (mechanic didn’t tighten the lug nuts down).

Tire rolled into the distance, while I slowed down in a hurry in a shower of sparks as the rotor ground down square on one side.

Lucky lucky.

If a front tire goes flat at any speed, it's even more dangerous.