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Yes, we have no bananas: Harry Chapin song plays out on turnpike in Allston

Rolled over truck on I-90 eastbound in Allston

State Police report a truck carrying a load of bananas overturned on the inbound side of the Massachusetts Turnpike in Allston, near where the toll plaza used to be, shortly after 8 a.m.

The Boston Fire Department reports firefighters quickly doused a small fire and put down absorbent material for the roughly 100 gallons of diesel fuel that spilled. A separate crew was called in to scoop up the bananas, which State Police say they hope can be saved.

No word if the driver was hauling 30,000 pounds of bananas or if the driver was coming from Scranton, PA, but State Police say they are investigating whether he violated any federal or state laws, because banana trucks rarely flip on their sides on the turnpike.

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This had happened at the Split.

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But good lord do we have a lot of banana bread planned.

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When the truck sped around
The curves at the former Allston-Brighton tollbooths
Carrying about sixty thousand pounds
Of bananas

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I take my foot off of the gas by instinct here. Guess others don't.

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Time for a signage checkup.

Here are some curve arrows, with zebra stripes on the border to show you they really mean it this time. In the background are some chevrons. But no advisory speed is posted. https://goo.gl/maps/6a5XXTWjhg765JHJA

What's this curve rated for? If it's less than 55, there should be an advisory speed, or a full speed limit reduction. I thought the whole area was posted 40 when the toll booth was there, but I'm not finding any signs in Street View.

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For your complete dessert.

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...who don't know the reference.

hit it, Big John

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So, which Stop & Shop will be selling them after picking them off the road?

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I’d be very surprised if the bananas ended up anywhere other than the trash. It’s unfortunate, but that’s the society we live in.

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and the cargo didn't spill either during the rollover or the recovery effort, then it's likely the bananas are OK for resale.

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