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Woman who claims she's healthy sues state over mask requirements

The owner of a Plymouth store that sells "healthy" smoothies and food is making a federal case out of the state's Covid-19 face-covering requirements, charging that the number of people who have died from is really pretty minor when you think about it, hardly worth an "emergency" declaration, especially since most of the fatalities are among old people in nursing homes, and that the order violates numerous Constitutional rights.

In her suit, filed Friday in US District Court, Healthy Vibes owner Noreen Bechade asks a judge to toss the state's requirements that people in general wear facial coverings in public if they can't social distance and employees in stores that have re-opened to the public cover up. She is also seeking to have the state pay her damages and to pay her attorney's fee and court costs.

Bechade argues the requirements violate her and her workers' rights to free speech, due process and privacy and that because Covid-19 isn't really so bad, it violates the state law that lets the governor declare a state of emergency.

Bechade's complaint, which also names the state commissioner of public health and chief financial officer, argues the ban is "not based on science" - if Anthony Fauci can't make up his mind about masks, who is Charlie Baker to tell people to cover their faces? As more of her proof that the virus isn't all that, she notes that in addition to most of the deaths being in nursing homes, some of the deaths attributed to Covid-19 might have been caused by the flu.

So who the hell is Charlie Baker to tell her, a self-defined "healthy" person, to wear a mask and, among other things, deprive her of her First Amendment rights by making her cover her mouth?

Facial expression is a form of speech, which the defendants are suppressing by the issuance and enforcement of the Mask Mandates.

The complaint does note that officials now claim facial coverings protect people around a potentially asymptomatic carrier, not the wearer herself, but says that's only part of the general confusion over mask wearing.

The complaint notes that in early March, Fauci did tell people to stop buying masks, but then includes a part of an interview that supplies the context for that statement - that as hospitals in some states were getting flooded with potential Covid-19 cases, they were running short of masks and that his plea was to try to ensure front-line medical workers could get masks.

The complaint continues continues that the mask requirement violates Bechade's rights to due process - she had no say or way to appeal the requirement.

Also, forcing her to wear a facial covering violates her right to make her own medical decisions, her complaint charges.

Her complaint notes that Baker declared an emergency under a 1950 state law that discusses "disasters of unprecedented size and destructiveness," then says that Covid-19 is no such thing, that heart disease kills far more people than Covid-19 has and that the roughly 7,000 Massachusetts residents who have died from Covid-19 since March is just 0.1 percent of the state's population and, again, is based on what Berchade says is faulty science.

Complete complaint (2.9M PDF).

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She is, or at least was in 2012, part of the Herbalife pyramid scheme.


She probably is the proud independent owner of an essential oils business now.

And a (secret) Trump supporter.


"I was stricken with the coronavirus. I spent a week in isolation battling COVID-19."


Poor lady. Hope it helped her sales.

Her store's FB page is current. Watched her latest video where she mentions why she's filed the lawsuit wearing her Herbalife shirt.

The woman is certified stupid. It's a shame. She seems to do some good things for the community in the name of nutrition at the same time.


Yeah you go on her Facebook page and one her posts she says the virus is serious even has a link for a nurse who works with COVID patients but yet in her lawsuit she says it ain’t serious


Beware people warning you about so called overreach of government when they themselves are involved in a pyramid scheme.

Edit - Ron beat me to it, but she was still pushing Herbalife as recently as March.


My high school best friend (with whom I now only maintain a social media relationship) and his partner got into Herbalife several years ago and it was kind of sad to watch. Every post on Facebook was related to the product. They even posted what would have been a very nice pic of them enjoying brunch with his parents, had they not covered the table with Herbalife products and promotional materials, all turned toward the camera. I don't know what the outcome was, and I honestly hope they had a little success or at the very least broke even, but there has been no mention of the product on his social media accounts for a few years now.

There are lots of Fox News watchers who feel the same way as her, but most of them are just on Facebook bitching about their constitutional rights. I feel like someone is paying for her to file this suit. But who?


Is there a smoothie that can calm her down? Kale or beets or something?


...way to cure the corona...

"People out here butt-chugging sunlight."


Maybe, just maybe you change the text in your LinkedIn profile to something other than "teach all aspects of healthy living." You might get sued yourself for such BS.


""Both days, I added ½ cup of Clorox to my bathwater to combat the radiation and metals in my system and oxygenate it."

Because, nothing says 'oxygen' like chlorine.



Clorox has no bigger fan than me, but bathe in it? That's crazy! I have every Clorox product available because I have a compromised immune system. But I also have lots of disposable gloves to use alongside them. I can't imagine what her skin looks like.

The tweet before that one made me chuckle "I'm gonna need a @Goop fact check on this"


We need symbiotic bacteria for healthy skin and digestion. Without them we are in big trouble.

The good ones keep the bad ones in check, but chlorox doesn't pick and choose.

Sounds like a good way to end up with a yeast infection from HELL.


We went through this a century ago. Making you wear a mask is like making you wear clothes. The Supreme Court ruled then that it doesn't violate any known liberty.

What a piece of Qwork.


Mask != muzzle

If her mask leaves her unable to speak, maybe it's too small for her big mouth.


Grifters gonna grift, and I wonder if her lawyer is associated with Biss (Devin Nunes' lawyer who's suing a Twitter cow).

Noreen's husband is a lawyer. She's only paying filing costs.

She must have got a really thick mask.

"I can’t imagine why people wouldn’t want to get out on the streets and make a point about it.” -- Gov. Charlie Baker, May 29, 2020, two days before massive looting destroyed parts of Boston

We know that many millions in goods changed hands during the looting, stolen by mostly unmasked protesters. Governor Baker had earlier encouraged them to "make a point" in Boston about a police shooting in MN. He did not require them to wear masks or ask the throngs of police and National Guard to enforce his prior mask order. How is the open, unmasked and unimpeded theft of goods from a retail store safe, while the controled purchase of goods at the same location is deemed unsafe? Contact tracing for the law-abiding but none for the looters? This is arbitrary and capricious.

Almost two weeks to the day from the rioting, there has been no meaningful surge of new infections while the damage is so extensive the city is still unable to tabulate it. The only thing certain is video and eyewitness accounts revealing unmasked people in and out of the stores vandalizing, stealing and making their "point" at the Governor's urging. We also have the Polito Graduation Party sans masks and no reported infections resulting. These restrictions on some gatherings but not others are unconstitutional. If Baker didn't have double standards he'd have none at all.


We know that many millions in goods changed hands during the looting, stolen by mostly unmasked protesters.

We know that Fish is lying because he's typing.


...entries for "UHub Comment of the Year" are now closed.


The sun rises and sets.

The moon orbits the earth.

Fishy is spewing right wing bullshit that anyone with eyes and a brain can see is bullshit.


If you think that the Governor condoned the looting, then you may want to reexamine how are you are interpreting what is happening. The Governor never said anything even close to that.


From her website's menu:

Healthy Smoothie Flavors:
Almond Joy
Birthday Cake
Blueberry Muffin
Captain Crunch
Caramel Delight
Oatmeal Cookie
PB Cheesecake
Reese’s PB Cup
Strawberry Cheesecake
& Much More


behind chocolate chip pancakes. Or drinking a Diet Coke when eating a chocolate bar.

..."my kids go nuts every time the shopping cart turns into the cereal aisle and I've completely given up."

The owner of that "healthy" smoothies store in Plymouth is an absolutely stupid and vicious idiot who clearly doesn't give a wet rat's ass about anybody except herself. As an adult who owns her own business, she's way more than old enough to understand why people are wearing face masks when they go out in public, or if and when they go to work. The fact that she thinks that fatalities from Covid-19 only exist in older people indicates that she couldn't give less of a shit about other human beings. More to the point, healthy younger people have also become seriously ill and died from Covid-19 also. Anybody of any age is capable of becoming seriously ill and passing as a result of Covid-19.

The woman is not only putting herself at risk by not wearing a mask, but she also couldn't care less about the fact that she's putting other people at risk for the Covid-19, as well, including her own family, assuming she has any. People like her will invariably cause setbacks.