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Winthrop man fined for throwing a party where people didn't wear masks

Winthrop Police report fining a Bellevue Avenue man $300 for failing to comply with state Covid-19 regulations after officers responding to "multiple reports about a loud party" found about 30 people having a grand but largely maskless time, in a town that the state has ranked as having a high Covid-19 risk.

In a statement, Police Chief Terence Delehanty said:

Our community has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, and willful disregard of the precautions we’re all responsible for maintaining has consequences. Winthrop residents have been doing their part to curb the spread in of the virus in town, and everyone has to remain committed to making these shared sacrifices for the greater good.

He added that people are required to wear a mask in any gathering of more than 10 people.

According to state figures, Winthrop has a positive-test rate of 1.21%, compared to the statewide average of about 0.8%. The town of about 17,500 people has seen 23 new cases over the past two weeks.

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Northeastern University has refunded his tuition for wherever he may have gone to school.

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Not fair that train stations and MBTA and its riders are exempt from Covid 19 inspections and citations. It makes this Winthrop party a joke. How come no one does anything about buses and trains that get backed up on Orange Line, Blue Line, Red Line, Green Line, and worse the Silver Line, and buses, with FACT the unmasked riders putting the rest of us at risk in a crowded afternoon train,? Start with my train. The Orange Line. Why? I would love to see the data on citations given in such situations. I'm voting for change.

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It's beyond disgraceful--and disgusting that the MBTA staff and its riders, as well as the MBTA train stations and the people who made them think they're exempt from mask wearing and social distancing, when we're in the middle of a dangerous and deadly pandemic, and refuse to enforce the rules for mask-wearing and social distancing while riding the MBTA trains and waiting in the MBTA stations.

I personally think that the MBTA staff people should not only wear masks and social distance from each other, but firmly enforce the requirement for mask wearing and social distancing, severely limit the number of people who ride on the subway trains and buses, and wait inside the MBTA subway stations to enable social distancing to take place, and run the MBTA for 24 hours a day. That would be the best way to deal with the problem, imho.

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300 fine isn’t enough. Public shaming would be nice.

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Charging the covidiot $300 and identifying him only as "A 51-year-old Winthrop man" is too lenient. There should be real consequences for this sort of behavior.

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I have no sympathy whatsoever for scofflaws who brazenly flaunt the rules for mask-wearing and social distancing, and the rules against having large gatherings of people in one place, especially indoors, regardless of who they are and how old they are. Too many people who know better are flaunting these rules, and it's disgusting, because they put others at risk, as well as each other and themselves. The United States, as a whole, is far too full of scofflaws who clearly know better and are deliberately thumbing their noses at this whole situation. Public shaming and a walloping where it hurts most (i. e. in their pocketbooks), would be the best way to go.

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I got my words mixed up. I stand corrected.

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