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A whole lot of people could be livin' 56 on Morrissey Boulevard under developer's plans

WLVI TV 56 Jingle

A developer says it will soon file plans for two residential towers with 608 units at 75 Morrissey Blvd. in Dorchester, currently home to the long vacant Channel 56 studios.

The proposal, by David Raftery's Morrissey CFL Holdings, calls for one 17-story building and one 15-story building, which it bought from car dealer Herb Chambers after he gave up his idea of building a car dealership there. It's next to where the old Globe plant is now being turned into an R&D space.

Morrissey CFL says the two buildings will be the first phase of a long-range development plan that also includes redevelopment of the two adjoining properties it owns - currently home to Star Market and the Harbor Point Liquor Store and to the headquarters and studios for Beasley Media's Boston-area stations, which include WROR.

Because of the large size of the three lots combined, the developer says it will file for a "planned development area," in which the current zoning will be thrown out and the developer and BPDA will negotiate just what can go on the land.

In its letter of intent sent to the BPDA, Raftery did not specify any plans for the Star and Beasley lots, both of which are occupied by tenants with long-term leases. However, his company has presented one possible vision that called for a series of towers between the old Globe site and the JFK/UMass Red Line station, with some 1,000 total residential units and space for a supermarket.

75 Morrissey Blvd. letter of intent.

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While we're renaming everything, we should change that section of the Fitzgerald Southeast Expressway to "Extinct Media Mile" in honor of the sprawling Globe, Herald and channel 56 operations that once thrived along there. Sad.

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you're smart enough to know why the station is called WLVI.

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will bring the cost of living in Boston down to a more manageable price.

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the other development who has had vacancies since it was built around 5 years ago.

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Yeah I know, it isn't the part of Morrissey Blvd. that floods a lot.


Unless this is set up to flood later in the century, any and all of this housing in low lying areas will be useless within its design life.

I almost wonder if they are rushing this in before the statewide resilience standards hit. Something like this could be made to be adaptable, but it will eventually become inaccessible.

Enjoy Island Living in 2075!

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