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When streetcars roamed the earth

Streetcar in old Boston

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this scene. See it larger.



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That is what is on the left. The building to the right of the first pole is still there.

I'd print the whole joke from the book, but I would get hounded to death by those who find such humor childish.


been replaced by more modern structures today, but it reminds me of the South End, Washington Street at about Rutland St, facing southwest toward Dudley Square, the South End Burying Ground on the left (that blank cinder-block wall), the current location of the original Flour Bakery on the right.

Problem with my take: the street-level trolley would date it to pre-elevated-track Orange Line, or before 1901, and the cars don't fit that theory: they look 1930s-vintage. Next guess?


You've got 1940's cars in the pic.

Think of a western MA hill town and you have the name of the street on the very right. Think of an abutting town to that one and you have the name of the street the trolleys are on.

It is very E-asy when you think about it.

Western MA hill town? It's Florida Street, right?


They really need to move back to whatever western suburb or Fairfield County / northern Westchester County hamlet they blew in from.

It would be hysterical if Florida Street had street cars. Back in the 70's there would have been two abandoned trolleys burnt out next to the sidewalk between Tempy and Shepton with the seats being used as street furniture.


The reference to the first hill town was amazing.

Of course, I still don't see that street, but I know where the photo was taken.

Templeton was so bad it had to be renamed, as did Dover. Actually it was confusing when they were renamed because for those who were familiar, the names said it all. I was a member of a Dorchester "youth" group with some pretty tough kids. When they acted up, the director used to say, "You guys think you're tough. I'll bring yiz down ta Dovah Street and see how tough yiz aaah."

This was so much better!!

Somewhere between S. Huntington and Brigham Circle?


It is looking north from Brigham Circle up Huntington towards Longwood Avenue. The place on the left is the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital. The taller building mid-ground is the former Martin School. That is now all Harvard Public Health on the left site as far as Sparr's.

Wigglesworth and Worthington Streets are on the right.


Not THAT name brings back memories of my days at Boston Latin School (when It was still all boys) and Boston State College (when it still existed).


Reminds me of the joke...
Guy gets into a cab.
Says, "Take me to the hospital!"
Driver asks, "Peter Bent?"
"No", he responds. "I think it is appendicitis."


The Type Four immediately made me think Blue Hill Avenue {the school in the background looks like the one my high school art teacher went to in the 1950s}...

Ah! But the Center-Entrance is the subtlest clue. They only saw service during the '30s and '40s on the "subway-surface" lines* and would only make it out to Blue Hill Avenue on a fantrip.

Huntington Avenue is spot on!

*The final lines to use The Pleasant Street Portal were North Station {Canal Street Loop} to Egleston via Tremont; Dudley via Dover + Washington; and City Point via Broadway. The North Station/Dudley Line was cut --- with indirect bus replacement --- effective March 5, 1938.


Huntington ave coming into Brigham Circle. Mission Hill...

Thanks for playing, folks! This is Huntington Ave near Brigham Circle (photo is labeled "Huntington Ave looking towards Francis Street") in 1940.