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We have snowball!

Richardson with a snowball

Channel 5's Rhondella Richardson hefted a snowball of unusual size for her reporter-in-the-snow report in Bridgewater for the noon newscast.

As usual, Channel 7's Steve Cooper provided an epic man-vs-wild report from Woburn:

Earlier, Channel 7's Kimberly Bookman provided welcome relief for jaded viewers sick to death of reporters sticking yardsticks in the snow. Oh, sure, she stuck a yardstick in the snow, but:

Bookman then reported:


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She is the only local reporter with some balls.

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The local news gets ridiculed every snowstorm yet they continue doing the same thing, is anyone watching? Do snowstorms draw more viewers?
Its hilarious watching them describe the weather to us like we are all from some desert country and have never seen snow.

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Detergent and wine? What about something local, like a Dunks' cup and maybe a baby wheel?

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Outdoor cooler!

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And because I'm from a place where snow wasn't a thing, but even after almost 10 years here, but I love this. We need joy and wonder and play right now. Yes, shoveling sucks, but you have to do it whether you can enjoy snow or not, so for those of can find moments of fun, why not?

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Channel 25's weather person Shiri Spear is completely unwatchable. Her absolutely incessant use of the term "you guys" is beyond grating. Not to mention unprofessional, though I notice many other local news personalities do it as well (all female, strangely enough). But none so much as Spear, where it is every other word. I know that many people would like to to stomp out this tiresome term for not being gender inclusive. That part of it doesn't bother me so much, but I'll take any reason I can get to get rid of it, so let them stomp away.

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