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WBUR lays off 29, ends Only a Game, as recession crashes revenues


Dan Kennedy gets the memo - also, the station is losing four of its top exec and has frozen salaries for the coming year.

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For months, we've been listening to the public radio types assure us that "we're all in this together!" as they happily cash their paychecks while a huge number of us wrestle with reduced or removed employment.

As last reported, Jim Braude is making close to $400K/year at WGBH:


It's a daily echo for the likes of Shirley Leung, Emily Rooney, Juliette Kayem and other establishment elite. Who tickle each other, get paid regularly, and assure the hoi polloi that we're all in this together. Now donate!

This kind of reckoning is long over due. We can only hope that WGBH is next.

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why are you actively rooting for people to lose their jobs

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Try Eagan and Braude, especially during a pledge week.

Then, to get the effect of a knitting needle plunged in the other eye, remind yourself that some percentage of get their salaries comes from public funding. (Marjorie's is much less than Jim's btw. Funny how that works.)

Then get back to me.

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I love Only a Game. It is part of my Saturday morning ritual, gets my weekend started off right.

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BU hadn’t spent its money buying up Comm Ave.

Let’s not give them a pass just because they sell education.

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The Real Estate Company known as BU had the foresight to once again not go up against Harvard (remember - WGBH - God Bless Harvard).

There was reportedly a $40M campaign for the new studio space and radio station funding.

No more money from this house went there after they fired Chris Lydon for making the true point that he was the show, not the management.

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Six years ago, WBUR sent NINE (9) e-mails within the span of TWO DAYS, asking me to donate money.

My "membership" ended at that point. To this day, they continue to send solicitations in the mail. They go straight to the trash, unopened.

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