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Washington correspondent who's worked for the Herald and WBUR moves to the Globe oped section

The Globe's announced it's hired Kimberly Atkins, currently of WBUR and formerly of the Herald, for its editorial board.

Atkins will be a Senior Writer for Globe Opinion, penning both editorials and columns and playing a pivotal role in new initiatives for Globe Opinion. She will join the Globe on July 20 and be based in the Globe’s DC Bureau. Atkins will also continue her highly visible role as a regular contributor to MSNBC, providing on-air analysis and commentary on the national political news of the day.




A fresh new voice, eh? From NPR to the Boston Globe by way of MSNBC. How the hell did the Herald sneak in there?

Call me crazy, but I think her editorial slant will be just slightly predictable and can be summarized in three words: Orange Man Bad.

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He is bad. Very bad.

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You're crazy.

I don't know why you want to read that, but there you go.

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I only know her from the Herald, but she knows her stuff.

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Atkins didn’t sneak in anywhere. What are you insinuating with that comment, I wonder?

And questioning her qualifications, not by discussing the content she has produced for Boston media steadily and consistently for the last 20 years, but by listing her employers is pure weakness.

You should reformat this as a Letter to the Editor and send it to the Globe. I’m sure they’ll find that yours is a compelling counterpoint.

I also love how people who probably never read the Globe Op-Ed pages (not even Jeff Jacoby) all of a sudden care deeply who writes for that page. So interesting.

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of thoughts you don’t like*

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