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Two sought for attack in Milton that left a T bus driver with a broken rib

Wanted for Milton attack

Milton Police have released photos of two men they say brutally attacked a Route 245 bus driver in a road-rage incident on Brook Street on June 25.

Police say the two opened the bus door and then punched the driver repeatedly, breaking one of his ribs. They also spat on him, police say.

Police say they know who the guy on the right is, but are looking for identify the guy on the left.

If you know where they are, and who the first guy is, contact Milton Det. Lou Bullard at 617-698-3800.

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I suppose one way to keep crime down on the MBTA is to not respond to incidents and let the locals handle the reports.

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MBTA transit police have a long queue of homeless people to harass and publicize for minor infractions, I'm sure they'll get around to this assault as soon as they get a chance.

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One homeless person recently kicked in a door at the bus terminal after being refused entry after hours. Others generally want to use the terminal as a hotel

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How do you know they were homeless?

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I came home one day to find my dad, an MBTA bus driver, with stiches on the side of his head. He had been attacked by a few utes who did not think that paying their fare was ok. It was a wee jarring.

There was an MBTA driver a few years ago who was admonished for smacking a guy with a chop block after that person attacked her on Southampton Street. She should have gotten a Profile In Courage award.

A BAT driver was punched repeatedly while driving in Randolph a few years back by a passenger endangering the life of the others on the bus and around it.

Don't punch the bus operators. Don't harass the bus operators. They have enough of a hard time driving in traffic all day that they don't need to put up with you thinking they are your servant.

The upside of this situation that the Norfolk County DA will be shall we say less gentle on these men that they would be a little north of the Neponset. Stay safe 589.

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You are smart enough to know what DA Rollins said she would and would not prosecute.

Assaults like the one your father endured, and all violent crimes, are still prosecuted by Rollins.

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My father was also a T bus driver. He drove the Green Line in the 70s, did shifting, drove buses out of Quincy,Center, worked at the Everett Shops until he retired.

I agree. The bus drivers are hard working people and we need to stop harassing them.

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Who is we? Speak for yourself. Pro tips: pay your fare, say hi when you get on the bus, and thank you when you get off. Be courteous, don't be a d*ck.

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If transit police actually rode in the trains n buses instead of driving and idling everywhere

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Imagine having to deal with driving among the worst drivers in the country and one of these criminal drivers gets out and attacks you. Awful. Nothing Boston drivers do surprises me.

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Thinly veiled digs at Boston drivers disguised as empathy for T bus drivers is lame.

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Though I do love how you defended a Boston driver. Sort of.

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regarding this incident doesn't have to do with allegedly horrible Boston drivers.

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We have all felt a bit of rage while driving when someone does something stupid/unsafe. But to stop your car, climb on a bus and beat up the driver? There is simply no excuse for that kind of a brazen act. Throw the book at them.

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(throws tantrum)

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The plexiglass protective barriers intended for confrontational situations like this one failed to separate the driver from the "passengers".

What a shame - the T just installed those as part of the refurbishment contract for the 2007-08 New Flyer D40LFs (the only type of bus that Quincy Garage, which runs the 245, uses).

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