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Two dead in car that went into harbor from Black Falcon Pier

Water off Black Falcon Pier in South Boston

Search underway in Boston Harbor at Black Falcon Pier. Photo by Live Boston

Live Boston reports crews have recovered one body and are looking for a second - and a car - in Boston Harbor off Black Falcon Pier. BPD, BFD and State Police boats are on scene.


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I went a couple of rounds of interviews in the Dry Dock building (or whatever it's calling itself these days) and the bus that goes out there goes around behind the building. I found that ride nerve-racking, and I'm really glad that I never had to do it in the winter.

Somewhat amazing that this doesn't happen more often. So sad for the families...

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How was is so nerve wracking? Like the bus would slide off the road into the harbor?

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there's nothing at all to even slightly obstruct a bus, car, or bicycle from going off the edge here. I would not want to be here in icy or rainy weather.

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And while it is a bit nerve wracking in a bus, there are usually enough obstacles to keep speeds to a reasonable level.

Makes me wonder if reduced use of the parking and the absence of the usual delivery vehicles made it possible to get going fast enough to get in serious trouble? It looks like the veered off right where that gatehouse and gate are - like they didn't turn right and then went off to avoid crashing it?

Google Streetview

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I work in the nearby Innovation and Design Building and rather enjoy it...I've never ventured out onto the far end of the pier though. It's really scary someone drove into the harbor :(

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I think that was the old number 2 bus. I used to take it when I worked in South Boston years ago. It took the most roundabout route through what is now the Seaport. I used to pick it up near Murphy's Law, a place out of another dimension. I believe the #2 has been replaced by the Silver Line.

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Twitter is saying Tatianna Morales’ family has identified one of the bodies as hers. She was reported missing a few days ago. So tragic.

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