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With two councilors running for mayor, fields open up for council candidates next year

The Dorchester Reporter surveys the field for the 2021 election.

Councilors Michelle Wu (at large) and Andrea Campbell (Dorchester, Mattapan, Roslindale) have announced they're running for mayor next year.

Should Marty Walsh leave for a job in the Biden administration, whoever is city-council president at the time - it's currently Kim Janey (Roxbury) would become mayor until at least the election - which is how Tom Menino became mayor in 1993 after Ray Flynn became ambassador to the Vatican.


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Does Althea have her hat in the ring?

Perhaps a Doug Bennett/Roy Owens coalition, as well.

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Bennett's off working for the New Hampshire Republican Party, so he's probably busy next year, but would it be a Boston election without Garrison or Owens on the ballot (speaking of whom, Garrison was not elected register of probate and Owens will not be joining Congress as the representative from the 7th District).

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It’s not an election if I don’t get to cast a vote for whoever Roy Owens decides to run against.

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I think he beat Garrison, for which I should be grateful, but I am really tired of these private-sector-phobes trying to pad their resumes, bank accounts, and pensions at taxpayer expense, race after race after race. I often have to leave multiple offices blank when the only ballot choices are hacks like Garrison, nepotism legacies like Arroyo, or repugnicans.

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than most of those discussed in the article, with the exception two of the current members and perhaps Mr. Gray.

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some of the commentators on here complaining that none of the city councilors know what they're doing to put up or shut up?

(that is, the few of them that are actually Boston residents)

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I hope a lot of people take you up on this!

Did the city council ever pass that rule that you can't run for mayor of you're also running for city councilor?

I believe you have to live in a district for one year in order to run for district city councilor; is that true?

To run for an at-large councilor seat, you have to get 1,000 signatures, true?

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for two different offices.

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Charles Yancey ran for mayor in 2013 and also kept his name on the ballot for his District 4 council seat. He held onto it that year, but was ousted by Andrea Campbell in 2015.

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Charles Yancey ran for Mayor and City Councillor. He went 1 for 2.

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The City Council voted to basically outlaw that, so, now, you can only run for one Boston office at a time.

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The city council passed such a bill, but I don't think it made it past the legislatures 'home rule' vote.

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Thanks, John. I thought it never went through.

This was the proposal that would have also turned it into a 4-year councilor term, right?

It :is: dumb that the city has to ask the state's permission, that's always been true since the '20s (if I get the date right), but at least for this bill, it's a good thing, imo. It seemed the rules the council wanted would be protecting their own incumbent bums

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Frank Baker and Matt O'Malley are utterly useless.

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