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Two candidates announce for at-large seats in next year's Boston elections

The Jamaica Plain Gazette reports that Alex Gray, currently a policy analyst at City Hall, will run for one of the four open at-large seats on the City Council in next year's elections.

If elected, Gray would be the first blind city councilor.

Also running is community activist Domingos DaRosa, who has run for the seat before.

Over the weekend, DaRosa helped organize a trip up to Gov. Baker's house in Swampscott, where he left a collection of used needles he'd found along Methadone Mile, to try to get the governor to do something about that area.

At least one incumbent at-large incumbent, Michelle Wu, won't be running next year, because she is running for mayor.


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are just the most obvious sign of community breakdown. Rumor has it that the mayor and governor are thinking of housing folks at the Hynes Convention Center? Three cheers for Domingos!!!

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If either Andrea or Michelle come in first in the mayor's election and Marty comes in second and picks up the support of the others candidates voters he will become mayor for the third time.

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I'm sorry, I shouldn't sigh. I should be welcoming you to Boston, where the mayor is elected in a nonpartisan two step manner. In the first round, the number of candidates is reduced to two, who face off against each other in the second round.

Also, "inbound" means going towards where the 4 subway lines meet, while "outbound" means going away from that location. Enjoy your stay.

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That would still be more democratic than one person getting less than 50% and still being elected mayor. So, vote yes on 2!!

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Any reason DaRosa hasn't left a collection of used needles he'd found along Methadone Mile, at the mayor's or city councilor's homes to try to get the the City of Boston to do something about that area.

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I think she could in theory run for both, yes? I'm not trying to be annoying just curious if it's still legal to run for both. That slew of proposed changes never passed, did it? Fifth place person takes seat as well, still,,?

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