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Truck driver was at ramming speed when he storrowed on 128 in Danvers

Storrowing on Rte. 128 in Danvers

State Police report having to shut Rte. 128 southbound in Danvers this afternoon after the rear of a truck somehow smashed into the Endicott Street overpass, destroying the truck and sending the driver to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

MassDOT inspectors were called to the scene to make sure the overpass was not compromised by the crash.

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All courses incomplete.

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Equipment malfunction? Operator malfunction? Material failure?

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poorly-timed erections.

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128 is intended for truck traffic, and I don't see any Low Clearance signs there on Google Street View.

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This looks very much like the rail hoist of a roll-off dumpster truck (the rail that lifts up at an angle to pick up and drop off a dumpster). It should never be in the up position while driving on the road, but the driver must have left if up by accident. This was a very solid chunk of steel designed to pick-up a 15 tons dumpster from the ground hitting the bridge at highway speed. From looking at the pictures of what was left on the road, it must have been a hell of stop for the driver who was lucky enough to get out of it with non-life-threatening injury.


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there's not too much damage to the bridge. That looks like a hell of an impact.

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Dumpster truck, 0

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It was a suicide mission, of course, but ...

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