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Travis Roy dies, 45

WBZ reports the death of the proponent for people with spinal injuries - who suffered permanent paralysis just 11 seconds into his first game for the BU hockey team in 1995.



RIP Travis.


Wow. There are no words. RIP, Travis!


Travis was dealt a horrible hand and turned it into something positive and selfless. He is a true inspiration

RIP Travis.


Thanks, Travis! You were here a hero to our boy (BLS 20150), his friends, and their parents. Love, love, love!!!

What a courageous life, you would see him at BU games and he always had a smile on his face. Seems somehow fitting that it would snow today.

This is just more evidence that 2020 sucks almost as much as the Jets.

I was an acquaintance of Travis through some business dealings related to his foundation. He was a person you looked forward to seeing when you had the opportunity. He did amazing things. One of the best people I've known. His story should be a movie--just so long as Markey Mark doesn't get the role.