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Think they could get $800,000 for this fixer upper with river views in Brighton?

Mystery bunker in Brighton

Just off the ramp from the Arsenal Street Bridge to Soldiers Field Road at the Charles River is this bunker. Presuming it's not a failed Dharma Initiative project with a keyboard where somebody has to enter a sequence to save the world every 108 minutes, anybody know what it is, or was, for?



Just a guess.


Don't know for sure but they're usually some sort of water pump.

My guess: it's a pump for rainwater that flows into the underpass.

The Bridge was first built in 1925. It looks like a public toilet facility for the park area.

The underpass was built circa 1968. I remember when it was under construction, just after I arrived in Boston. There used to be a rotary there before that.

Presuming it's not a failed Dharma Initiative project ...

Know your audience.


that there’s no overlap between UHub readers and watchers of a certain aughts-era ABC fantasy drama?

‘cause i’d be willing to take that bet.


is lost on me.....


But if the bridge was built in 1925, that is roughly 50 years before the Hanso Foundation started their research on the island. Maybe this was an early research outpost? I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if the Hanso's had a connection to MIT or Harvard...

Guess pump station or access to waterflow outlet / storm drainage



Part of the underground sewer (covered river) that we have a few of.

Before you demo it make sure Rawhide and Desmond aren't still down there pressing buttons to prevent the end of the world.

There's a similar structure downriver on the Charles: https://goo.gl/maps/3xYYUADi35gC7THb6 . This one probably doesn't house a pump to drain a flooded underpass because there are none in the vicinity. I've found it very handy to hide behind to pee during early morning runs and from the smell of it on a warm day it seems others have put it to the same use.

Speaking of Massholes . . .


Ah doctors peeing in public. Nice.


Wrong kind of pumping.

pump station or substation for the street lights and signals nearby?