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Ten curriculum directors at BPS HQ lose jobs in shift to more school-focused efforts

Boston Public Schools yesterday eliminated the positions of ten curriculum directors at its Bolling Building headquarters as part of a shift toward school-centric teacher development.

The ten employees helped create and oversee K-12 curricula and teacher training in various subject areas, for example, history and social studies, math, science and English.

A spokesman said some of the ten may have contract rights to other positions in the district, while the others are encouraged to apply for vacant positions.

In a statement, BPS said the elimination of the oversight jobs is in line with both its own goals and a set of recommendations from the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education as part of an agreement on improving BPS schools short of the state taking over the entire system.

Aligned to the Boston Public Schools strategic plan, teacher professional learning in BPS is transitioning from a focus on centrally delivered content, training, and workshops to an emphasis on school-based, job-embedded professional development. This approach is also responsive to recommendations from DESE regarding the need for the effective support of professional development that is coherent and responsive to students’ needs. We believe that by shifting coaching and professional learning more directly into the schools, we will be able to better support the growth of our school leaders and our teachers, which will help improve educational outcomes for BPS students.

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