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Suffolk County jails suspend family visits due to coronavirus

The Suffolk County District Attorney's office announced several steps this evening to try to curb the spread of Covid-19, including:

The Suffolk County House of Correction and the Massachusetts Department of Correction are suspending visitation. District Attorney Rollins will work with the defense bar to make sure they have appropriate and meaningful access to their clients. This Office will also work with the community to make sure that families are able to remain in contact with their loved ones who are in custody.

Also announced: Steps dealing with court procedures:

All Prosecutors will request a 60-day continuance in cases in which the individual charged with a crime is not in custody. This request will include the Boston Municipal Court, the Chelsea District Court, the Juvenile Courts in Suffolk County, and Suffolk Superior Court.

Prosecutors will request a delay in the empanelment of the next scheduled sitting of the Special Grand Jury for an additional 30 days. This in no way will compromise the presentation of our most serious and violent cases, as our Regular Grand Jury will remain sitting and intact.

In cases where a charged individual is in pre-trial custody, Prosecutors will work with defense counsel to determine if an appearance in court is necessary. We will do so without compromise to any and all due process rights.

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In Italy there were riots in 27 facilities and at least 2 prison breaks because of a policy like this.

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...who usually gouge prisoners and their families with insanely exorbitant rates are forced to waive them during this crisis period. It's despicable even in the best of times, but now it's especially important to allow families to communicate while in-person visits are unavailable.

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We only have one Suffolk County Jail. There is no (s). We also have 1 Suffok County House of Correction. My other question is why is the Suffok County District Attorney's Office making this announcement. Where is the elected Suffolk County Sheriff? (hmm)

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You knew I meant Nashua Street and South Bay, right?

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