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Still a chance the Marathon won't happen in September, either

COVID-19 Media Availability 4/22/20

Mayor Walsh said today he is "hopeful" the Boston Marathon can still be run on its rescheduled date of Sept. 14, but acknowledged that a marathon planned for later that month in Berlin was canceled yesterday because of Covid-19 concerns.

At a press conference outside Boston City Hall, Walsh acknowledged that even if the race can go on, there are still conversations needed to consider if the Marathon can be run anywhere near as normal, given that it usually involves tens of thousands of runners and spectators.

Walsh added that even as the city's economy slowly comes back to life as the current surge of Covid-19 infection eases, there's one business he expects to continue to be depressed for a long time: "I don't see tourism coming back for months if not another year or so."

Also today, city Health and Human Services Chief Marty Martinez said that, in addition to the increased Covid-19 testing at several Boston neighborhood health centers announced by Gov. Baker, he expects the centers to also begin offering antibody testing, once that becomes available. Both Baker and Walsh have said that both kinds of testing will be critical to fully re-starting the economy by trying to cut down the spread of the virus.

Walsh joined Baker in denouncing the president's tweeted immigration ban. Walsh called it "foolish," said immigrants make up large percentages of "essential" workers, including those in healthcare, and said Boston will continue to stand by its immigrant residents.




I do not see how we can pull this off. I do not want to be a pessimist but this sounds like a good way of spreading this virus up and down a 26 mile streach of road from Hopkington to Boston

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There is no "king" in Hopkinton

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Let's jut skip the Marathon this year, mmmkay?

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that decision would have already been made. Remember that the BAA were the ones who insisted running the race two years ago during a frigid Nor'easter, so their demands that this year's race still be run, virus or no virus, shouldn't surprise anyone.

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They've held it in hot years, too, IIRC.

Also while it was rainy and windy, it was colder in 2015 than 2018 during the race. (There wasn't sleet on the ground in Hopkinton in 2015, but it actually warmed up a bit during the 2018 deluge.)

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Oh, but they are not. It's the mayor making the call, (speaking of foolish).

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The point is to show what humans are capable of, not to cancel just because of a bit of inclement weather. If they can find a way to get people together safely this year, I hope they make it happen.

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Nothing's going to happen this year, and if they try it's going to be terrible, and the sooner we accept that, the better.

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10%: The race happens mostly as normal. There is some miracle drug/distancing/whatever and we can go back to something near normal. But 10% is probably high for this.

If this is the case, my weather prediction is for a Class 3 Hurricane tracking over Framingham.

20%: The race happens, with major modifications. This could be something like having only elite runners participate, to only allowing local runners to run on the course, to eliminating busing and having people arrive at the start on their own (would only work if it were an "only locals" type event), to having only bottled water/gatorade at aid stations to eliminate that sort of vector, to discouraging spectators from congregating, etc.

If this is the case, my weather prediction is 85˚ and humid.

70%: Cancellation.

If this is the case, it will be 65˚ with a tailwind. (It won't be 50 and cloudy like this past Monday, because the high temperature in Boston on September 14 has never stayed below 50.)

Maybe a possibility they'd see good trends in July or August and push it back again until, say, early November (after New York).

Bigger question: will the Marathon take place *next* April?

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whoops. fixed. can't even blame Adam.

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For a cat 3 hurricane to track over Framingham, it would likely require a landing somewhere near Narragansett Bay as a healthy cat 5, wrecking the hell out of Newport up to Providence and continuing inland. Wouldn't be a pretty site.

But, hey, if that's what it takes to get the race in... (yes this last bit is sarcasm...)

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Things are going so well in Boston, it's a great idea to plan on bringing large numbers of visitors and immigrants. Lots of resources here for all to share.

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Wow, Marty never fails to impress. Following Berlin's lead is an excellent leadership strategy.

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Just have the elite runners, say top 200 or something, run 3 laps around the Charles on Memorial and Storrow. Enforce social distancing and people with boats can watch from the river. Pretty easy to social distance if you're on different watercraft.

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